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OST to Mac Mail Converter (Works on Mac & Win)

ost to mac mail

OST to Mac Mail Converter – how to get around this seemingly daunting job. Even though OST file is not importable to any client, we will show you how to get the data in Mac Mail effortlessly.

 What is OST file?

OST is a file that is not useful for any manual operations. It works with Outlook automatically to store your emails and be in sync with the email servers in real time. IF you want to archive data or import/export, there is more suited file format called PST.

If you try to import OST file to Outlook, you will fail. In fact, there is no such option to do so.

OST is also not useful with any other client or program like Mac Mail. So, if your goal is to get the data in OST to Mac Mail, you are going to need to do more than just copying and pasting the files to the database directory.

Usually, the task can be very lengthy and daunting through conventional methods and tools. The most alarming part of these conventional methods is data loss risks. You could lose information like headers, images, attachments, etc., if not complete emails. Such errors in data consistency is why most people are intimidated by email migration projects and are looking for better ways to go through with it.

OST to Mac Mail Migration

You are in luck today since we have the perfect solution for OST to Mac Mail migration that does not fall into the same pitfalls.

What you are going to need is “OST Extractor Pro.” Download here.

ost to mac mail converter

It is an OST file converter that can give you output in many formats including Mac Mail native database. You could also convert it into MBOX files and then import them to Mac Mail, but we suggest choosing the direct ‘Mail’ profile folder for better results.

OST to Mac Mail Converter Tool

The reason why “OST Extractor Pro” isn’t like any other generic tool is because it is equipped with cutting-edge algorithms for data security and precision and all the features are united under a single, friendly interface. The design of the whole software, both back and front end, is highly professional to suit all kinds of users in all kinds of migration projects.


If you are care about your graphical data, email attachments, header info, structure of folders, and Unicode text, “OST Extractor Pro” is the only way to go.

How to convert OST to Mac Mail

The tool can get the job done in less than five steps:

  1. Launch it and click on ‘Add OST’
  2. Browse to the OST file and select it.
  3. Choose folders you want to convert (or remove the ones you don’t)
  4. Select ‘Mac Mail’ as the output format among others
  5. Click ‘Start’

how to convert ost to mac mail

When you put that above process face to face with any other approach, you will realize “OST Extractor Pro” has pretty much turned the task around on its head. You no longer need to deal with complex technical maneuvers that even experts find difficult and confusing.

Whatever is needed for converting OST to Mac Mail, “OST Extractor Pro” has it…and more.

The free trial version is now here for you to check out. It works on ten emails for each folder within the OST file.