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Import OST to Outlook - We Bring To You The Terric Method That You Will Love

import ost to outlook

Importing files to other email clients can be problematic, especially if the format is not compatible. This is mainly when a file from one client is importing to other client that uses some different file format. For example, Outlook PST to Apple Mail.

But today we are talking about another uniquely complex job that is about importing a file of a client to itself.

In other words, this post is about importing OST to Outlook.

Import OST to Outlook for Win and Mac

But not understanding the nature of the file leaves many people into perplexed and challenging situations. OST is a native Outlook file but it is far different from PST. It works with Outlook automatically and internally and has different purpose than personal data files, such as PST.

You cannot use it to import into Outlook with the common import/export feature of the client. If you try to do so, you will find there are only options to import PST and other common files.

So, the last remaining choice you have is to convert it.

The tool you need to convert

There are tools that can help you do that, but the most grounded and effective one is OST Extractor Pro, coming from USL Software, who are behind many other notable tools for similar tasks. Click here to read more about it.

importing ost to outlook

Accurate Conversion

OST Extractor Pro has some unique and powerful system to manage the data integrity and complexity of your files. It does not contain the generic extraction mechanism that fails as soon as any intricate content is matched, like headers and graphical components. The tool carries processing power that is unmatched, a unified system of scripts that can deal with anything OST files can store.

The result: clean and accurate data transfer. You will never notice a missing element.

Unicode Content Conversion

It also supports Unicode text in email bodies and headers. Often, the generic tools are built for ASCII text and fails when other characters (mainly Chinese and DBCS languages) are inside the files. That should not be a concern anymore with OST Extractor Pro.

Maintain Your Folder Hierarchy

Another highly appreciate feature it brings to the table is precise mapping of folders and their structure. It is not fun to manage all the emails that have been dislocated and jumbled together without their original hierarchy of folders. This converter can trace the folders with high precision and retain all of it during transition.

Support Any Size of Mailbox

The data-flow is also quick to not waste unnecessary time and give you quick results. You can expect to convert one GB of OST file in less than 10 minutes, which is 200% faster than the common data conversion speed with many subpar tools.

Get it today to import OST to Outlook

The free trial version will help you get to know more about it.

import ost file to outlook

OST Extractor Pro is the first true cross-platform app. You can get either a Windows or Mac version, depending on where you want to use it. One license gives you permission to use both versions and convert OST to PST Outlook 2016 / 2019 for Mac and Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2010 / 2013 for Windows..