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OST to PST Conversion Software

It is not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where the OST files are inaccessible. It’s a format that cannot be used directly and manually by user to open in Outlook or any other client. Therefore, what you need is an OST to PST conversion software, so you can use the native PST format to access the data.

PST is a proprietary format, shortened for Personal Storage Table, that can store data up to a large amount in a single file. It is used in Outlook for many different types of operations with data, including the manual ones, such as importing, exporting, backing up, and migration. An OST to PST conversion software is your only choice if for whatever reason the data in OST is stuck and not accessible.

But, the software of this kind can be challenging to work with. Most of them lack any friendly way to interact and get to the result in a quick and professional way. If you do not have much time to get accustomed to their complex interfaces and mechanisms, you are better off without them. Not to mention, the data inaccuracy with many such conversion software is not up to the standard.

The Tool for OST to PST Conversion

Except ‘ OST Extractor Pro’ from a leading company for email migration tools, called USL Software. They have gone above and beyond to devise a tool free of the pitfalls usually characteristic of other tools in this category. Through smart logic running internally and equally smart interface in front makes it a fitting choice for OST to PST conversion. The tool adds to the functions and controls previously existing, but without over-cluttering the UI or complicating the process.

ost to pst

Keep in mind that OST Extractor Pro is not merely an OST to PST conversion software but a lot more. It allows converting OST to other formats too, including Apple Mail Mailbox archive, Thunderbird, EML files, MBOX files, and VCF and ICS files for contacts and calendar, respectively.

How it works is simple:

  1. Start by selecting the OST files you wish to convert to PST (You can select more than one file and convert them all in one go)
  2. If needed, remove the folders inside the OST files you selected that you do not need to convert to PST
  3. Optionally (but recommended), choose the split-size for PST files to avoid having oversized files that can be hard to import to Outlook.

ost to pst conversion

OST Extractor Pro quickly converts everything from OST to PST. The compatible versions of Outlook that you can use those PST on include all Windows Outlook version but also Mac Outlook 2011, 2016, and Office 365.

More aspects of this OST to PST conversion software worth talking about:

  • Full support for converting text in all languages encoded using the standard Unicode, including anything from headers
  • Maintains the arrangement of the mail folders
  • Keeps the unread and read emails as such
  • Single-click option to skip all empty folders
  • Available in two versions: Mac OS and Windows
  • Free trial offered
  • Backed up by the technical support of USL Software to answer any queries you have via email and chat, including the direct support via TeamViewer.
  • All the updates are always offered at no extra cost to you for lifetime.

Free to Try for OST to PST Conversion

ost to pst conversion software

The link below is for instant downloading of the setup file without any headaches of signing up for anything or giving any information. Installing takes less than two minutes. You can begin trial mode pre-activation with zero hassles and get to see up close how well OST Extractor Pro works and why it is regularly on the recommended lists of the best OST to PST conversion software.